Monday, March 17, 2014

Overview of Joshua

Josh 1.1-9; Story; God commissions Joshua
Josh 1.10-18; Story; Joshua assumes command
Josh 2.1-24; Story; Rahab hides the spies
Josh 3.1-17; Story; Israel crosses the Jordan
Josh 4.1-24; Story; Twelve memorial stones from the Jordan

Josh 5.1-9; Story; The new generation is circumcised because the old generation was unfaithful
Josh 5.10-12; Story; Israel observes their first passover in Canaan
Josh 5.13-15; Story; Joshua meets the commander of the LORD’s army
Josh 6.1-27; War; The fall of Jericho
Josh 7.1-9; War; Israel defeated at Ai
Josh 7.10-26; Story-Sin; The Sin of Achan, he is stoned
Josh 8.1-29; War; The Fall of Ai
Josh 8.30-35; Story; Joshua renews the covenant

Josh 9.1-27; Story; The Gibeonites make a deceitful covenant with Israel
Josh 10.1-15; War; The sun stands still
Josh 10.16-28; War; The five kings executed
Josh 10.29-43; War; The conquest of southern Canaan
Josh 11.1-23; War; The conquests in northern Canaan

Josh 12.1-6; Story; Summary of the Kings defeated by Moses
Josh 12.7-24; Story; Summary of the Kings defeated by Joshua
Josh 13.1-7; Story; Joshua is old and there is still land to be conquered
Josh 13.8-33; Story; The inheritance of the tribes of Israel east of the Jordan are allotted
Josh 14.1-5; Story; The inheritance of the tribes of Israel west of the Jordan are allotted
Josh 14.6-15; Story; Calebs request and inheritance
Josh 15.1-63; Story; The allotment for Judah

Josh 16.1-7.13; Story; The allotment for Ephraim and Manasseh
Josh 17.14-18; Story; The tribe of Joseph wants a bigger land. Joshua tells them to go get it.

Josh 18.1-10; Story; The allotment of the remaining land
Josh 18.11-28; Story; The Inheritance for Benjamin
Josh 19.1-9; Story; The Inheritance for Simeon
Josh 19.10-16; Story; The Inheritance for Zebulun
Josh 19.17-23; Story; The Inheritance for Issachar
Josh 19.24-31; Story; The Inheritance for Asher
Josh 19.32-39; Story; The Inheritance for Naphtali
Josh 19.40-48; Story; The Inheritance for Dan
Josh 19.49-51; Story; The Inheritance for Joshua

Josh 20.1-9; Story; The Cities of Refuge, protecting the manslayer before trial
Josh 21.1-42; Story; Cities and Pasturelands Allotted to Levi
Josh 21.43-45; Summary; The Lord gave to Israel all the land that he swore to give to their fathers

Josh 22.1-9; Story; The Eastern Tribes Return Home
Josh 22.10-34; Story; The Eastern Tribes’ Altar of Witness causes a stir
Josh 23.1-16; Instruction; Joshua’s Charge to Israel’s Leaders. The LORD is faithful, do all his commands
Josh 24.1-13; Story; The Covenant Renewal at Shechem
Josh 24.14-28; Story; The people of Israel is to choose whom they will serve
Josh 24.29-33; Story; Joshua’s Death and Burial