Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekly Random Links

Secret confessions of a barista

HAVE you ever bought a coffee and felt sorry for the poor soul who's trying to make 3 million flat whites in 10 minutes flat? spoke to a barista who makes around 350 coffees between 7am and 3.30pm every day about what they're really thinking on the other side of the counter.
Here are his secret confessions.

Here’s Something about the Bible of the First Christians I Bet Many of You Didn’t Know (you’re welcome)

Before there was a New Testament, the Bible of the first Christians (the writers of the New Testament and the early Church) was a Greek translation of the Old Testament. The general term used to designate that translation is “Septuagint.”

Think about that: the Old Testament of the New Testament writers and of the early Church was a translation–and an imperfect one at that.

Why we don't say thank you any more - it's now cheers, fab or cool

For many a traditionalist, it is the most important two-word phrase in our vocabulary. 
But ‘thank you’ is falling by the wayside, replaced increasingly with less formal expressions of gratitude, a poll reveals.
Although the average person will say 'thank you' nearly 5,000 times a year, one in three are more likely to throw in a 'cheers' or 'ta' where it's needed, rather than risk sounding old fashioned.

Worldwide ATM Cyber Attack

The Worldwide ATM Cyber Attack infographic from 41st Parameter talks about the international internet heist that stole $45 Million in May 2013. The infographic centers around how they did it, what they took, and then how it could of been stopped.